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MyWorld MWT

MyWorld MWT

MyWorld is a platform providing a wide range of profit opportunities for users based on the fair distribution principles.

MyWorld is a revenue-generating social networking service where individual users

and businesses can share and sell content such as photos, videos, and games.

It is a business platform that can integrate various business fields

including offline product sales, online broadcastings, and advertisements.

Social Spot is a ‘real-time virtual chat space’ applied with various concepts.

In a separate space, your avatar that reflects your personality to the fullest, can interact with other users to build new relationships, play games, and even display and sell special items

MWT is a token issued based on the Polygon

Mainnet used within My World.

The MWT Token is the access key to participating in Meta-Place provided by My World and the key currency to use various utility features on the My World



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