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Morning star (weapon)

Morning star (weapon)

Weapons used since fourteenth century also known as Morgenstern

Morgenstern (German: Morgenstern, English morning star, literally - "morning star", "Venus") - a type of melee weapon, consisting of an iron bullet, equipped with spikes and mounted on a handle.


Morgenstern was used as the top of sticks or instead of weights. This top greatly increased the weight of the weapon - the morgenstern itself weighed more than 1.2 kg, its size and spikes strongly affected the fighting spirit of the enemy, frightening him with its appearance. Although the use of bullets with spikes increased the severity of wounds inflicted on the enemy, it made it very difficult to carry a weapon, and spikes prevented accurate hitting, clinging to nearby objects and often stuck in shields or armor.

Morgenstern was also called a spiked stick or mace with a barbed top, described above. Such weapons were in the service of the Swiss infantry until the middle of the XV century [1]. Due to the simplicity of manufacture, morgensterns were popular during the peasant wars in Germany. In addition to the infantry morgenstern, there was also a cavalry, on a shortened arm. Some cavalry morgenshers were combined with handguns - their handle was a rifle barrel [2].

In England in the XVI century. there was a similar weapon - the so-called "sprinkler" (holy water sprinkler), which was named for its resemblance to the Catholic sprinkler. One example of such a weapon is in the Royal Armory in London. It is an all-steel ball with six ribs that form three spikes. Reminiscent of a mace, but has cross-shaped spikes that extend from above. The handle is reinforced with four metal tongues, the total length of the weapon is 189 cm [3]


Kropáč (Czech: kropáč, literally "drop") is a similar Czech medieval weapon. Widely used by the Hussites. Named for its resemblance to the Catholic sprinkler.

Kettenmorgenstern (German: Kettenmorgenstern) is the German name for a spiked earring. In it a spiked ball was connected to the handle by a chain. In Ukrainian translations, it is more appropriate to translate Kettenmorgenstern as "spiked butt".

The goedendag is a medieval Flemish weapon of prickly and crushing action, often mistakenly described in modern sources as a morgenstern.


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