City in Quebec, Canada

The Quebec Professional Association of Real Estate Brokers says Montreal area home sales rose 13 per cent in November compared with a year earlier.
The Bank of Montreal slashes thousands of jobs, the US and UK take down a Russian cyberhacking ring called Evil Corp., and TikTok admits to suppressing the
People protest Quebec's new Bill 21, which bans teachers, police, government lawyers and others in positions of authority from wearing religious symbols such as Muslim head coverings and Sikh turbans, in Montreal in June.Christinne Muschi/Reuters files
The Bank of Montreal raised its dividend as it reported a fourth-quarter profit of $1.19 billion, down from a year ago as it was hit by a restructuring charge.
Inovia Capital has added its newest partner, Magaly Charbonneau, who will also lead the firm's Montreal office and investment activities.
"We can't leave our crops to rot," chanted farmers.
Toronto's economic inequality is similar to New York City or London, a report finds.
Lufa Farms' newest greenhouse will measure 15,200 square metres - almost three football fields. That could make it the largest rooftop farm in the world, Lufa says
Potloc, a startup that conducts market research using geo-targeted surveys, has announced its $13 million in a Series A funding round, closed in July.
Epic Games International filed a statement of claim in Quebec Superior Court in late October against Lucas Johnston, alleging he was responsible for the publication of "highly confidential information" that amounted to a commercial secret.
How does Montreal's lead problem compare to the 2015 crisis in Flint, Michigan?
Google has announced that its first-ever Stadia Games and Entertainment studio has opened in Montreal.
More than 60 per cent of seafood products tested at Montreal grocery stores and restaurants were mislabelled, according to an update of a study that tracks
Tired of getting phony calls from Visa about an alleged abuse of your credit card? Angered about the way your firm's logo is being used in phishing attacks?
Bank of Montreal published last month a sustainable finance framework, which doesn't exclude the oil industry as a sector where the bank can allocate proceeds from its own sustainable debt issues.Ben Nelms/Bloomberg files
Green Party leader Elizabeth May reacts during an election campaign visit in Victoria, British Columbia, Oct. 4, 2019.Kevin Light/Reuters
Russian president Vladimir Putin said there was a need to be "realistic" about renewable energy.
Part of the AI Nation series, BetaKit explains why the next global AI hub will be situated in the heart of Canada's oil and gas sector.
About 4.9 million Door Dash users, drivers and merchants had their personal information stolen during a data breach in May, says the food-delivery app comp
Panache Ventures has announced a final close of $58 million in its inaugural fund, surpassing its initial $40-million goal.