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MOBOX is a project that combines a game with NFT features and profitable profitable farming. The site is managed entirely by its community. For participation in the system, each user receives rewards. The MBOX utility token is used as a means of management and promotion.

The project allows you to play without investments, while receiving some kind of income. Play-to-Earn games have become increasingly popular thanks to the development of NFTs and blockchain in general. Already today, MBOX ranks first in terms of capitalization among NFT games on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

An interesting feature of MBOX is that all purchased NFTs can be used in any of the games that support the project. So the team is working on the development of three games at the same time, which work in a single blockchain. All NFTs can be created and customized. It is enough to upload an image, set its characteristics and income distribution model. Each user can independently choose which part is automatically deducted from the final cost of the product in favor of the project creators.

But all proposed NFTs are tested by the community and put on public display. If the majority of users approve the addition of such a token to the ecosystem, then it will appear in the market.

By whom and when it was created, the main goals and objectives, application

The company was opened in 2017 in Hong Kong. The main goal of creating the project is the ability to provide each participant in the system with income by contributing to the gaming community. After all, modern monopoly companies are introducing their own gamification methods to keep the interest of users. And for what the participant of the system received only more points or reached the next level.



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August 27, 2021


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