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Momentus Space

Momentus Space

Momentus is a YC Summer 2018 batch company developing the in-space rockets powered by water plasma engines and based in Santa Clara, CA

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Direct Thrust Measurements of an 8-GHz Microwave Electrothermal Thruster

Jeffrey R. Hopkins, Michael M. Micci, Sven G. Bilén, Senior Member, IEEE, and Silvio G. Chianese

Report on recent experimental results.

History and current status of the microwave electrothermal thruster,

D. E. Clemens, M. M. Micci, and S. G. Bilén

Progress in Propulsion Physics, Torus Press, 2009, pp.425-438

Review of work to date2009.

Prospects for microwave heated propulsion

M. M. Micci

AIAA Paper on initial concept.

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