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Momentus Space

Momentus Space

Momentus is a YC Summer 2018 batch company developing the in-space rockets powered by water plasma engines and based in Santa Clara, CA

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Their expert analysis and review of extant literature suggests that at achievable temperatures, specific impulse can approach 1,000 s due to extremely high survivable bulk gas temperature and thermal dissociation of the water molecules to the atomic state. The following figure shows key design features of a Microwave ElectroThermal (MET) thruster showing the TM001TM011 Mode Field Pattern in the resonant cavity. This cavity mode provides excellent power coupling and positions the discharge in an optimal location upstream of the nozzle.

Key Design Fearutres of a Microvwave Electro-Thermal (MET) Thruster showing the TM001TM011 Mode Field Patterna in the Resonant Cavity.
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