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Mnubo is an IoT and AI company providing data analytics services

Mnubo is an Internet of Things (IoT) Data Analytics company delivering business insights to manufacturers of connected products. Mnubo was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

SmartObjects Platform

Mnubo SmartObjects Platform is an IoT Data Platform that allows enterprises to transform IoT data into insights.

SmartObjects Platform allows users to ingest IoT data from sensors, devices, machines and equipment, apply heuristics and algorithms to clean, enrich and process the data streams, and organize and store the enriched data. Users can explore, manipulate and analyze their IoT data to build insights by performing analytics queries and jobs, leveraging IoT-specific analytics libraries, training AI/ML models, and productizing results using APIs.

SmartObjects Services

Mnubo provides IoT Professional services to support enterprises in their usage of the Platform and/or Insights. Services are available in three main categories: IoT executive workshop, Data Science Training, Custom Projects.

For companies at an early stage of exploring the business drivers of IoT, Mnubo provides consulting services through a series of use cases and industry-specific challenges. Mnubo also organizes workshops and boot camps to provide a business-specific understanding of IoT.

Mnubo provides IoT Data Science and AI/ML services in the form of custom algorithms and prediction models , integration services, data enrichment using existing datasets and external services, and data monetization.



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Mnubo | An Aspen Technology Company


May 28, 2012


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