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Minimax Finance

Minimax Finance

Minimax is a DeFi aggregator of staking and yield farming opportunities with ability to specify stop loss level and protect crypto assets, when the token value decreases sharply.

Minimax Finance Tokenomics

Token ticker: MMX

MMX will be a native token on Binance Smart Chain.

On the launch date, 25% or 25,000,000 MMX tokens are pre-minted for the IDO, liquidity, team and investors of the protocol.

No more than 100,000,000 MMX will ever exist

The MMX emission rate will be halved twelve months after the launch and then halved again twenty four months after the launch.

Pre-minted MMX tokens

10% of the max supply (10,000,000 MMX) is allocated to the Minimax team. This allocation is subject to a 6-month cliff, followed by 24-month equal vesting.

Another 10% of the supply will go to our investors and advisors. Vested monthly over 24 months.

2% of the max supply are allocated for IDO

2% of the max supply are allocated for marketing.

1% — for initial liquidity pool at Pancakeswap.

MMX tokens emission

With each additional BSC block mined, new MMX will be minted into the token circulation. Each of the freshly minted 2 MMX will be allocated as follows:

72% of the MMX emission will be distributed as rewards for staking MMX on the MMX single asset pools

24% of the MMX emission will be distributed as rewards for providing liquidity in Pancakeswap MMX-BNB pool

4% of the MMX emission will be used for airdrops. 0.4% of the tokens will be airdropped each 3 months. The airdropped tokens are distributed between the customers of our platform based on the amount of funds deposited during the previous three-month period.



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