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Mikhail Pechersky (NEMAGIA)

Mikhail Pechersky (NEMAGIA)

Video blogger, one of the leading YouTube project "Nemagia"

Video blogger, one of the leaders of the Nemagia YouTube project. Initially, within the framework of the project, Mikhail and his friend Alexei Pskovitin were engaged in exposing tricks. Later, the guys changed the format to entertaining. The main content of the channel is now made up of reviews of the activities of famous personalities, including bloggers. The videos are satirical in nature, the heroes of the reviews are usually ridiculed. Bloggers also run the Nemagia-Life channel, where they express their opinion on current news. In the videos, Alexey and Mikhail appear in the form of "clear boys."


March 13, 1985
Mikhail Pechersky was born in Kemerovo.


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