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Michael Gerard Tyson

Michael Gerard Tyson

Tyson's bioraphy


Career: athlete, boxer

Date of birth: June 30, 1966.

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Age: 55 years

Place of birth: New York, USA

Height: 178

Marital Status: Married


Mike Tyson is a professional heavyweight boxer whose name remains the most recognizable among his peers to this day. He was once nicknamed "the killer boxer" for his punching power and aggressive behavior in the ring. The Olympic champion among juniors, the absolute world champion, numerous recognized champion under versions WBC, WBA, IBF, The Ring. A master of the quick knockout, many of whose records are still unbeaten.

Childhood and Youth

Michael Gerard Tyson was born in June 1966 in the New York City area of Brownsville. His father was Purcell Tyson, but he abandoned the family when his son was not yet born. Michael was the youngest child, with an older daughter Denise and a son Rodney growing up in the family. In his early childhood Tyson was very vulnerable. He was hurt by his peers, yard boys and even his older brother. He could not stand up for himself and often suffered because of that, coming home with bruises and no pocket money. The only outlet and hobby (which, by the way, has survived to this day) were the pigeons that Mike bred. And if little Tyson couldn't stand up for himself, he stood up for his pigeons. It happened after a terrible incident, when a yard bully tore off the head of one of his birds in front of Mike. The boy went into such a rage that he not only beat the offender, but also managed to make everyone around him respect himself.

From that moment on, Mike Tyson never gave himself any more offense. His temper tantrums were feared by everyone. When the guy grew up, he no longer resembled that vulnerable dark-skinned boy, who could be humiliated. Ten-year-old Tyson fell in with a gang of street teenagers who were robbers. Soon the police became interested in the teenager, and at age 13 he was placed in a reform school in upstate New York. he desire to become a boxer in Mike appeared in the special institution. One day, the boxer Mohamed Ali stopped by. After meeting him, the boy first thought about a sports career. Indeed, even then he was a winner in any fight. Tyson told his physical education teacher, Bobby Stewart, a former boxer, about his desire. He made him a condition: to study and settle his rabid temper. Mike agreed, and it didn't take long for things to change for the better.

Soon Stuart's most successful student, Mike Tyson, outgrew his teacher. To continue to improve the talent of the young athlete, Bobby sent the boy to another coach. He was the famous Cass D'Amato. After the young man's mother died, he took over Mike's guardianship and practically adopted him, taking him to live in his home.


Mike's sports biography began when he turned 15. He made his debut at the Holyoke Club in New York, where he was nicknamed Tank. Only one could resist the young boxer's power: in 1981 out of 6 fights Tank lost only one. The next year Mike competed in the junior category of the Olympic Games. He defeated his first opponent in record-breaking 8 seconds. The same fate awaited all the following athletes. The final was brilliant: Tyson knocked out Joe Cortez in a few seconds. That year the young boxer fought 30 fights, only 6 of them were defeats.

Already in his youth Tyson inspired his opponents in the ring with justifiable fear. Not only did the athlete have the unique ability to psychologically suppress his opponent, his punching power and stamina allowed him to hold the bar until the end of the fight. He used Pick-a-boo style, which allowed him to knock out even tall and long-armed opponents. Mike himself at the height of 180 sm maintained weight of 98 kg. In 1984 he was called for the Olympic team of America. After a series of fights he was to take part in the Olympics in Los Angeles. Tyson was moving confidently towards the end of his amateur career. He knocked out Henry Milligan in the 1st round, becoming the heavyweight leader and earning the Golden Gloves.

Mike was the clear favorite to win the Olympics, but lost 3 : 2 to Henry Tillman for the qualifying rounds. Then the fans booed the referee's decision to give the victory to the weaker Tillman, believing that Tyson was not wanted to be admitted to the Olympics for his aggressive behavior and tough style of play. Cass D'Amato didn't let the young boxer get discouraged after the disappointing defeat. He began to seriously prepare Mike for his professional career. The famous managers Bill Cayton and Jim Jacobs were invited for that. In March, 1985, Tyson debuted on the professional ring. His first opponent was Hector Mercedes. Mike easily defeated him in the 1st round. In January 1986, the athlete met in the ring with another worthy opponent - Mike Jameson.

He became the first who could hold out against Tyson till the 5th round. Then there was Jesse Ferguson, Steve Zouski, James Tillis and others. In one year Mike won 15 fights against strong and professional opponents, beating them all by knockouts. The dark-skinned boxer chose an unusual image for himself: he invariably went to the ring in black briefs and wore boxing shoes on his bare feet. In November 1985 a misfortune happened: 77-year-old Cass D'Amato died of pneumonia. It was a great loss for the athlete: Cass was not only a coach, but almost a father for the young boxer. The new coach's name was Kevin Rooney. Managers Jacobs and Keighton, hired for Tyson D'Amato, continued to work with Mike.

A year later, in November, the 20-year-old had his first championship fight. Trevor Berbick, his opponent, already had the title - he became WBC champion 5 months before the fight with Tyson. Nevertheless, the young boxer beat him in the 2nd round. The victory over his next opponent, James Kostolom Smith was not easy for Mike. Nevertheless, the athlete managed to add the 2nd championship belt to his collection. In August of the same year, Tyson defeated Tony Tucker to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. In 1988, Iron Mike (the athlete's nickname) disbanded the entire team and fired Kevin Rooney. Tyson was increasingly spotted in bars and pubs. As a consequence, he was defeated in the 10th round of his fight with James Buster Douglas in Japan in February, 1990. After this embarrassing defeat, Mike had to go to the hospital.

In 1995, Mike returned to professional boxing. This return was called the event of the year. Both Tyson himself and his fighting style had changed. As before, few could resist his onslaught, but the athlete's stamina in the 2nd half now decreased.

In 1996 there was a championship fight between Iron Mike and Frank Bruno. After that, the WBC title went to Tyson. In September of the same year the athlete met in the fight with the world champion Bruce Seldon. Tyson brilliantly won the WBA title, after which he was crowned a three-time world champion. This fight brought the boxer $25 million. Late fall 1996, Tyson fought Evander Holyfield. The fight was named fight of the year by The Ring. The fight brought Tyson $30 million, his opponent $5 million. Tyson and Holyfield met again that summer. In one round, Mike bit off part of Evander's ear. Holyfield responded by headbutting his opponent in the eyebrow. A scuffle ensued. Security guards and police had to intervene. As a result, Tyson was disqualified. The Athletic Commission took away his boxing license and fined him $3 million. Already in October, 1998, the license was restored.

From that moment on, the champion's career began to decline. The fighter practically did not attend the trainings, taking part only in the highest ranked fights. He still won, but chose not the strongest opponents. In the winter of 1999 Mike almost lost the fight to South African Francois Botha, underestimating his opponent and poorly prepared for the fight.

In the fall of 2000 Tyson fought Andrzej Golota, knocking him out in the first round. But soon, the results of doping samples showed marijuana in his blood. The fight was declared null and void.

In the summer of 2002, Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis met in the ring. That fight turned out to be the highest grossing fight in boxing history, bringing in $106.9 million. Tyson was ill-prepared for the fight, that's why he started to lose his position from 3-rd round, and in 4-th he fell under Lewis's weight. In the 5th round Tyson hardly defended himself, in the 8th round he was knocked down. A year later, Lennox would defeat another super heavyweight, Vitali Klitschko.

June, 2005 Mike meets in the ring with not so famous Irish boxer Kevin McBride. Of course, fans bet on Tyson. But in the 5th round the fatigue of the champion began to show, and in the 6th round he sat down on the floor and refused to fight in the 7th round. After this fight, Mike announced that he had decided to end his career.

Movies and books

The life story of the popular heavyweight has been used as the basis for several documentaries. These are the mid-90's film "The Fallen Champion: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson" and the 2000's works "Beyond the Glory" and "Tyson". In 1999, the boxer first appeared in a feature film, which was called "Beat the Bone". The main characters in the comedy were played by Antonio Banderas and Woody Harrelson. Cooperation with filmmakers proved successful, and in the same year the boxer took part in the shooting of the gangster drama "Black and White".

In the new century, the athlete pleased his fans with the movies "Bolivia", "Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles", "When They Love Me". Mike also appeared in the famous Sylvester Stallone sports picture "Rocky Balboa". The image of the world famous heavyweight was used in the comedy "The Hangover in Vegas". On the set of "Slaughterhouse Revenge" Tyson managed to work again with Sylvester Stallone, as well as with the inimitable Robert De Niro. In 2017, the champion starred in the movie "Chinese Salesman," where he played together with Steven Seagal. In this action movie, the athlete tried on the role of a former general named Kabba. Previously, the boxer appeared mostly in the image of himself.

Also Mike Tyson appeared as the author of the book "The Merciless Truth", where he described the details of his own biography, and also introduced the readers the unknown facts of his private life. The publication first saw the light of day in 2013. Four years later, the former champion released his work "Iron Ambition.

Personal Life

Mike Tyson's personal life is as turbulent as his career. It is known that at one time the young boxer met with young model Naomi Campbell. Several photos of the couple have survived in the public domain. The athlete's first spouse was actress Robin Givens. They married in 1988, but this marriage lasted only a year. After the divorce, the ex-wife received $10 million from Mike.

In 1991, after the heavyweight attended a beauty pageant for black contestants, he was accused of raping one of them, Desiree Washington. Although the girl herself went up to his room, she later reported the rape. Tyson was sentenced to six years in prison. He was released in the spring of 1995 for good behavior. During his imprisonment Mike converted to Islam.

After a considerable break Tyson decided to get married again in 1997. His wife becomes Monica Turner, who worked as a pediatrician at Georgetown University Hospital. Together the spouses lived for 6 years. In this marriage were born daughter Raina and son Amir. In 2003, Monica said she was divorcing Mike, explaining her decision by the infidelity of her husband.

The woman was not mistaken: back in 2002, Mike Tyson's mistress gave birth to his son Miguel Leon. After the divorce, the boxer began to live with his mistress, who in 2005 gave birth to his daughter Exodus. The girl tragically died when she was 4 years old.

In June 2009, the 42-year old champion married again. His third wife was 32-year-old Lakia Spicer. In January 2011 the spouses had a son. Besides official children, the boxer has two illegitimate children.

Mike Tyson now

In 2018, Mike Tyson joined the main cast of the new action movie "Kickboxer Returns," in which he played alongside Alain Moussi, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Christopher Lambert.

Now the athlete is passionate about a business project to produce a brand of energy drink called Iron Energydrink. In February 2019 the Kind Music Festival was held on the estate of the former world boxing champion Tyson Ranch Resort in Desert Hot Springs (California).

And on November 29, 2020 the legendary boxer returned to the ring for the first time since 2002: Tyson, 54-years-old Tyson agreed to fight 51-years-old Roy Jones. This fight was called the main event of the autumn in the boxing world. The fight ended in a draw.

Titles and awards

-1982 - Olympic champion among juniors in the first heavyweight category

-1987-1990 - all-round world champion in the heavyweight category among professionals

-1987-1989 - Best boxer regardless of the weight category according to "Ring" magazine

-1986, 1988 - "Boxer of the Year" according to "Ring" magazine and BWAA

-1989 BBC Foreigner of the Year

-2011 - inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame

-2012 - inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.


-1999 - "Hit the Bone."

-2001 - "Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles."

-2006 - "Rocky Balboa"

-2009 - "The Hangover in Vegas"

-2013 - "Scary Movie 5".

-2016 - "lp Man 3"

-2017 - "Chinese Salesman"

-2018 - "Kickboxer Returns"


-2013 - "The Merciless Truth"

-2017 - "Iron Ambition"



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