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Michael Christmas

Michael Christmas

Born and raised in Boston, Michael Christmas began his career as a rapper in his early teens and went on to release his debut mixtape, Is This Art?, at age 19 in February 2014. Christmas spent the remainder of 2014...

Michael Christmas strongly resembles the main character of the English sitcom series "Ideal". This is the same honest and good-natured fat man who has his own opinion, loves heart-to-heart conversations, a good meal and a puff. And it is unlikely that we would be talking about him seriously if it were not for the recent album "What A Weird Day". This is a perfectly calibrated record that sincerely draws Michael's path from an unsuccessful stand-up comedian and a funny fat man to a young star on the local rap scene in Los Angeles. In fact, this is a personal diary of a musician, in which pathos is taken out of brackets, and stories about a trip to Japan, meeting a girl, lack of work and ambitions are told as if you are drinking a bottle of whiskey with your best friend, whom you haven't seen for a couple of years.



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