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Metrix Coin (MRX)

Metrix Coin (MRX)


Introducing the 2022 Metrix Coin (MRX)

Whitepaper. The following document will

outline what sets Metrix Coin apart as

the cryptocurrency of choice. Our path

forward is well-articulated in our

roadmap of both accomplished

accolades and future endeavors, many

of which are already underway and set

to be secured ahead of schedule.

We are forging the future integration and

utilization of blockchain technologies to

advocate for a trustworthy and

transparent, immutable ledger that all

currency should be. We’ve built a

community around this vision and seek

to be the catalyst of ushering crypto

into mainstream everyday use through

strategic partnerships, versatile point of

sale solutions, seamless and simple

acquisition on-ramps, and a dedicated

team of professionals, who maintain the

dream and tenacity to see all of our

planned productivity through to fruition.

With a keen ear to the deckplates of our

community of Metroids, we’ve listened

to their priorities and ideas, taking a

fiduciary responsibility to pioneer Metrix

Coin into the uncharted waters of what

crypto can do. We’ve rebranded,

changed chains, reworked a sustainable

rewards structure, and continue to work

hard to secure the faith of our

community through strategic, relevant

goals. We are confident you will find the

information that follows to be engaging,

exciting, insightful, and innovative.

Our hope is that you will join our family,

engage our community, and strap in for

the ride to the top. Our commitment to

this project and to you as a future

investor is that the work will never stop,

the team will never quit, and the

roadmap will be a living document that

grows congruently with this

unprecedented technological era of

digital currency.

Founded in Portugal in 2017, Metrix

(formerly Lindacoin) was offered as a

solution for businesses looking to find

scalable solutions (i.e. transfer of value,

digitizing assets, or tokenization of

assets) while implementing an open and

trustworthy ledger powered by Proof of-

Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS)

consensus. In conjunction with this

vision, Metrix developers innovated with

great ambition to offer user-friendly

desktop and online tools, transforming

the technical complexities into a

seamless opportunity for anyone to


Our persistence to succeed has led us

to redefine our core values, blockchain,

products and services to best serve the

needs of our partners, supporters and

blockchain longevity.

Metrix is a blockchain governed by the

Metroid community in a decentralized

fashion. It sets out to implement a

smart blockchain and a smart e-

commerce model, while maintaining a

seamless operation overall. We provide

an ecosystem of products and services

connecting everyone to everything. Our

core values encase our vision to create

a Metrix Solution for the masses,

including both consumers and

businesses. We are mindful of our base

as we collectively underline a targeted

Metrix solution with potential

businesses. Our goal is to provide

efficient solutions to the challenges

seen in our social and daily lives. Our

decentralized model of governance

extends teamwork with an array of

experience and skills from people all

over the world. The very essence of our

team, blockchain, products and services

delivers a positive impact that forms a

strong, reliable foundation. We are

committed to serve with excellence.

A technology that is

“For everyone. For everything!”

The Metrix Ecosystem has been created

to advance our team, products and

community into the year 2021. With our

new blockchain coded to suit our

Metroids community, Governance is

now a certainty. Metrix is now 100% run

by the community and is guided and

assisted by the Metrix team.

Through our Metrix Ecosystem, we will

grow as a community in multiple areas

at the same time without the previous



Wallets in 2020/21 are extremely

important for investors in a project as

well as for long term holders, as they

need to be certain that their coins are

safe from being hacked. It is imperative

to the level of sophistication, and

security within a wallet is paramount.

We’re pleased to advise that the

upgraded Altitude Wallet has inbuilt

security, allowing each user to have

confidence that their coins are safe.

The wallet allows a backup feature

which is highly recommended once

coins have been sent to the wallet. The

custom-built Altitude Wallet was built on

Electron for all desktop computers,

allowing a simplistic yet stylish user

interface. As the network now runs a

Decentralized Governance Protocol, you

will note that the Governor sits proudly

on the top left side of the updated


Each Altitude wallet allows an easy set

up of a Governor node. By locking up

7.5M MRX, you can then participate by

either making a proposal or voting on a

proposal made by another user. Please

refer to Metrix Academy on our website,, for user-friendly

videos, that outline how to get the most

out of your Altitude desktop wallet. The

videos cover everything from the basic

installation of your new Altitude wallet

through to encryption of your

passphrase, backing up your wallet.dat

file, exporting your private keys and

even setting up a Governor with ease.

Altitude is a reliable, free desktop option

that can be used on Windows and Mac.

As an additive smart feature to the

Altitude wallet, Solidity developers may

create smart-contracts, decentralized

applications, fungible (MRC20) and non-

fungible tokens (MRC21).

MyStakingWallet (MSW)

One of Metrix’s valuable products,

MyStakingWallet (MSW), is a web wallet

and masternode turn-key solution. The

product is a “go anywhere”-based

product, allowing the user to choose

from a desktop application through to

an IOS or Android application for those

users that are on the go. MSW allows

anyone to hold funds securely online,

and it also offers the ability to set-up a

masternode with ease at the click of a

button. Although Metrix no longer uses

masternodes on the new chain, we have

partnered with other projects where you

can enjoy the masternode rewards from

their coins on this product whilst

staking your Metrix at the same time.

Before MSW, people hired developers

who struggled for hours to overcome a

learning curve with coding languages

and purchased expensive hardware in

order to set up a masternode. Metrix

prides themselves by offering a

seamless masternode set-up solution

that does away with the hassles and

unnecessary expenses, making it a

user-friendly product. Oh, and we must

say, it looks really cool as well!

MSW permits users to own a virtual

private server (VPS) that stores up to

four coins capable of staking or to

partake in a masternode network at

affordable prices.




Metrix has chosen to upgrade its old

chain to a new chain which was a hard

fork of the QTUM Chain. As a

decentralized public chain, the QTUM

Chain regards blockchain governance

as an important aspect of achieving

sustainable development. It also allows

Metrix to harness decentralized

applications, or dApps, and smart


Similarly to QTUM’s governance model,

Metrix offers two aspects of

decentralized governance that work

synergistically: “on-chain governance”

and “off-chain governance”. In on-chain

governance, Metrix decentralized

governance protocol (DGP) allows for

Governor nodes to vote for budget or

blockchain proposals. In off-chain

governance, anyone may showcase a

proposal to the Metroid community for

an unofficial vote to gauge support from

the community. Participants may also

assess the likelihood for their proposal

to pass by Governors.

On-chain and off-chain governance are

the appropriate epitomes to

decentralized governance that provides


Anyone from the Metroid community

may set up their own Governor node.

There is not a set requirement for

establishing a Governor node other than

locking 7.5M MRX as collateral and either

voting for a proposal or pinging the

network on a monthly basis. The

minimum number of Governor nodes

required to participate in voting is 100,

and the maximum number of Governor

nodes is capped at 1,920. The Metrix

DGP protocol is regarded as a form of

direct democracy in which members of

the Metroid community are given the

opportunity to vote unofficially on

proposals, while Governor nodes vote

officially. Everyone from the Metroid

community may participate in the

voting process.

We encourage building on the Metrix

blockchain given the adequate

environment for creating fungible and

non-fungible tokens, dApps and smart-

contracts. For developers that offer their

services to build on the chain, if their

budget proposal is embraced by the

Metroid community and the Governor

nodes, they may expect a monthly

stipend of MRX for fulfilling the

agreements of the smart-contract.

Submitting budget proposals is not

limited to developers, but rather open to

any participant. All budget proposals will

include the terms of the agreement and

are coded into a smart-contract.

As a measure to address blockchain

scalability concerns (large chain size,

large block size, long block times and

high gas fees), the Metroid community

and Governor nodes may approve the

necessary updates in real-time, without

the need of a hard fork or soft fork.

Once a blockchain proposal has been

accepted, it is furnished into a smart-

contract and executed automatically to

the network.




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