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Metal Backed Money

Metal Backed Money

MBMX Metal Backed Money is a decentralized digital asset that’s backed by physical Gold and Platinum.

Why Choose Metal Backed Money?(MBMX)

We all want a safe and certain investment vehicle.

We also want to make a positive impact on other people’s lives.

Unfortunately, most financial instruments and investment vehicles suffer from volatility, inflation, excessive regulation, and ultimately increase income inequalities.

Metal Backed Money provides you with a safe, predictable way to grow your financial wealth.

In fact, MBMX is not ONLY an investment. It is also your savings account!

What’s more, you build personal wealth while positively impacting less privileged children and poor mining communities around the world.

How Does MBMX Do It?

MBMX Metal Backed Money platform runs on Ethereum blockchain technology that enables liquidity, financial leverage, and decentralized transactions.

Transactions are peer-to-peer, involving no third parties.

Leverages safe-haven precious metals, Gold and Platinum, as its store of value.

The value is linked directly to the price of Gold and Platinum.

Only 10 Million coins will be minted.

Our precious metal mineral rights (Texas Mine K-150) are valued at $ 7.8 bn.

Built-in Stop-Loss Algorithm

MBMX Tokenomics

Total Exchange Supply:

The total supply of MBMX Metal Backed Money is 10,000,000 coins.

The full circulation of the total supply is estimated to take place in 2024 – 2025.

The total supply is distributed over different token exchanges to ensure easier trading. All the tokens taken together will never exceed the total cap of 10 Million tokens.

MBMX NEWS has suspended trading on, Bitmart Exchange USA and also on Uniswap.

PeakDeFi wallet is having some technical issues. Therefore we are not risking MBMX being compromised.

We are working hard to resolve this matter!



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