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Поки люди міркують про те, як потрапити в метавсесвіт і як заробити в метавсесвіті, Meta створює для нього суперкомп'ютер. Завдяки штучному інтелекту він вивчатиме контент і, якщо потрібно, оберігатиме людей від його шкідливого впливу.

Meta, formerly Facebook, has completed the first phase of the AI ​​Research SuperCluster (RSC) supercomputer with artificial intelligence, according to Engadget. The RSC will be fully built by the end of this year, and work on the project began in 2020. According to the company's management, RSC will become the fastest supercomputer with artificial intelligence in the world.

"We hope that the RSC will help us create new artificial intelligence systems that can, for example, provide real-time voice translation for large groups of people who speak different languages. Then they will be able to collaborate seamlessly on a research project or play games with augmented reality, "said technical program manager Kevin Lee and software engineer Shubho Sengupta in a Meta report on the supercomputer.

Thanks to RSC, Meta will be able to better control the distribution of malicious content and, accordingly, protect it from the harmful effects of Facebook and Instagram users, as well as in the future metaworld.

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The Meta supercomputer includes 760 Nvidia DGX A100 modules. These modules incorporate eight NVIDIA A100 graphics accelerators with tensor cores that allow data analysis and artificial intelligence functions. The supercomputer already has 6,080 NVIDIA A100 graphics accelerators, and this year the number will increase to 16,000. As a result, RSC will perform almost 5 exaflops calculations with mixed accuracy - up to 20 times faster in some tasks than the previous supercomputer.



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