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solo project of musician Moritz von Oswald the name of the label

Maurizio is the name of the solo project of musician Moritz von Oswald and the name of the label where this project was published. The label existed from 1992 to 1997 and eight vinyl singles and one CD album were released on it. It was here that the foundations of the Basic Channel project were laid, techno with strong dub influences. In addition to Moritz von Oswald, Vainqueur was also published on the label, plus Underground Resistance and Carl Craig remixes were noted. The most famous releases of Maurizio are "Domina", "M-4.5" and "M-7".

Initially, Maurizio records were released without any catalog numbers, and only from the fourth release the tracks were named according to the "number" of the release. The same thing happened with the album "M-Series", which initially had no label catalog number.


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