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Massa Labs

Massa Labs

The decentralized and scaled blockchain


A blockchain is a decentralized database stored by a community who control it together. It’s thus a challenge to build a blockchain at scale. Today’s famous blockchains failed you: they are controlled by a few powerful entities, and their tech is overloaded.

Massa: multithreaded graph of blocks

Our vision at Massa Labs is beyond tradeoff. First, we solved the blockchain scaling problem with a multithreaded block graph which scales up performances massively. Second, we designed the Massa coin distribution to give full control to the community and keep the database safe.

Massa is for crypto payments and smart contracts innovations set for mass adoption.

Current blockchains are limited: for instance Bitcoin can only process 5 transactions per second. This is due to the sequential structure of the blockchain, forcing nodes to receive the previous block before creating the next one, which in a decentralized p2p network takes time.

Massa uses a multithreaded block graph allowing nodes to create blocks in parallel and process 10’000 transactions per second. With this parallel block structure, Massa is the first blockchain technology to solve the trilemma: it’s scaled, decentralized and secure at the same time.


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