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Martine Beswick

Martine Beswick

English actress and model


British actress.

She was born September 26, 1941 in Port Antonio, Island. Jamaica, a British possession (now the State of Jamaica).

From the age of four she acted in amateur theater. Participated in beauty contests, Miss Jamaica and Miss Autoville. Worked as a model.

In 1963, Beswick made her Bond film debut in From Russia with Love (directed by Terence Young) in which she played the role of Zora. In 1965, she played Paula Caplan in Ball Lightning - thus Martin Beswick is the "Bond girl" who appeared in two films about Agent 007.

Along with Raquel Welch, she played one of the leading female roles in the once popular with domestic audiences film A Million Years B.C. (Nupondi, 1966, directed by Don Chaffee).

Actor's luck - Adelita in the spaghetti western of the famous Italian director Damiano Damiani "El chuncho, quien sabe? (1966).

Since 1970 - in Hollywood, played in horror films and thrillers. In 1974, played the role of Queen of Evil in Oliver Stone's "Capture / Confiscation". In the U.S. she starred mostly on TV.

In 1995, she starred in the last two films with Martin Beswick - the scary horror flick "Scarecrow Night" (Barbara, directed by Jeff Barr) and the thriller "100 Years of Horror".

The actress retired from film and worked for a transportation company. Was the wife of actor John Richardson, starring in A Million Years B.C. (1966).

She lives in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, USA and London, UK.


September 26, 1941
Martine Beswick was born in Port Antonio.


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