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Martin Köppelmann

Martin Köppelmann

Co-founder & CEO, Gnosis

Martin Köppelmann has been an entrepreneur and thought leader in the blockchain space for more than 7 years. He is the founder of the biggest Bitcoin prediction market, Fairlay, but has shifted his focus to Ethereum and co-founded the decentralized Gnosis prediction market - the first bigger DAPP that went live on Ethereum. Closely related to prediction markets is his work on decentralized market driven governance mechanisms: Futarchy. Beyond the entrepreneurial activity Martin has done research on the economic incentive structure of different consensus mechanisms and scalability solutions via state channels. Martin co-hosts the Ethereum meetup groups in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Finally, Martin is well known for his work and research on “basic income on the blockchain: Circles” - a new currency built on top of Ethereum that aims to implement a basic income as monetary policy.



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