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Marble Aerospace

Marble Aerospace

The drone airline for 24/7 electric vertical takeoff and landing ops from a box

Marble Aerospace is a London based autonomous drone manufacturer providing maritime territory surveillance for small governments. The company aims to provide a cheap and effective solution for maritime surveillance compared to traditional systems. As of May 2017, the company has been working with countries in the Caribbean Islands.


Marble Aerospace builds autonomous aerial surveillance drones for monitoring maritime territory for drug trafficking, poaching, and illegal immigration. The drone is 3D printed with high-resolution printer and powered with high capacity batteries. Traditionally the surveillance is performed through boats which are inefficient and slow to respond. Marble Aerospace’s drones are capable of travelling long distances reliably to provide surveillance data in real time. The company is also working on the intersection between drones and airlines for building personal aerial vehicles.


Mathieu Johnsson and Alex Bennetts founded the company in 2015. The company was founded in Bristol but moved to London after being backed by Entrepreneur First. The company was incorporated in 17th May 2016. Mathieu is an aerospace engineer and had been building 3D printed drones since 2015.



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