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Magic book

Magic book

children's animated series about security

Most recently, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus launched a new information campaign, “We are proud of what we taught!”, Designed to motivate parents to teach children safety rules. In less than a few months, and again the creative from the rescuers - cartoon films on safety for children "Magic Book" of the Ministry of Emergencies.

To teach children safe behavior, to explain simple but very important truths, to convey to the children that they need to be careful and attentive, take care of their lives and health - this is how the rescuers explain the purpose of creating cartoons in a few lines.

The audience for which it was actually developed can be designated as 4+. Memorable characters, vivid animation, a dynamic and instructive plot, all means were used to make the cartoon interesting for children. But I must add that it is perfect for family viewing, because safety stories will also be useful for parents who, together with their children, will learn how to use electrical appliances correctly, why thin ice is dangerous, how to call rescuers, what to do if there is a fire in the house how to use pyrotechnics and much more.

The main characters are forest dwellers - a hare, a beaver, a wolf and a bird. Cute and very cute characters get into various emergency situations, because they, in fact, like ordinary people, can violate safety rules or not know them at all. Animals experiment, try to figure it out and learn how to behave correctly. And the magic book helps them in this, with which the smart beaver does not part. It is she who tells her friends what to do in a given situation, how to avoid trouble, always helps to make the right decision.

Head of the Research Center in the field of life safety and interaction with the public of the Research Institute of Safety and Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus - Elena Georgievna Dmitruk:

“Each episode of the cartoon is a separate topic, which was not chosen by chance. Children's pranks with fire, dangerous places to play, behavior on water bodies in winter and summer, rules of behavior in nature - all this poses a danger to children in real life. That is why we tried to focus on this and, through cartoons, teach children safety rules, explain that this knowledge helps to avoid many troubles in life and teaches them to be careful. The cartoon consists of 10 episodes, now the work is continued and soon it will be supplemented with new safety stories.”

You can watch the cartoon on the Youtube channel of the Ministry of Emergencies, on social networks Vkontakte and Facebook, or simply enter the request for the cartoon "Magic Book" of the Ministry of Emergencies in any Internet search engine.


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