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Magconn is a South Korea-based technology company developing wireless charging products.

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Magconn is a South Korea-based technology company with a focus on developing wireless charging products.


Magconn is a South Korea-based technology company specializing in developing and manufacturing conductive wireless charging and data syncing technology and products. The name is a portmanteau of "magnet" and "connectivity.". Research and development for the company began in 2013, and its website was launched in 2017. Magconn has developed more than 15fifteen products since its inception.


Magconn states that its wireless charging technology has advantages over other similar technologies, such as Qi and PMA. Some major notable differences are Magconn's data syncing capabilities and the lower use of energy. The company's main product, called RX, is circular in shape and 1.89 centimeters in diameter (approximately .75 inches). There is also a mini RX that is 1.36 centimeters in diameter (approximately .5 inches), which has applications for smaller devices, such as smartwatches and virtual reality glasses.


Magconn's products all have the same function of wireless charging and data syncing but have different use cases. Below are some examples of products that have been developed by the company with Magconn's wireless charging technology embedded in them.:

  • Smartphone
  • Smartphones
  • Phone casecases
  • Power bankbanks (compatible with the phone case)
  • Car chargerchargers (Compatible with Apple Car Play and Google Android Auto)
  • Charging standstands for phone casecases
  • Marine rescue devicedevices
  • Tablet
  • Tablets
  • Tablet management cabinetcabinets (for charging and storage of multiple Magconn tablets)
  • Scanner
  • Scanners
  • Heated jacketjackets
  • Camera
  • Cameras
  • DongleDongles (compatible with Android smartphones)
  • Cables
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