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Madge Bellamy

Madge Bellamy



Her real name is Margaret Durden Philpott.

Born June 30, 1899 in Texas, she moved to New York at age 17, where she worked as a dancer in Broadway theaters.

She made her silent film debut in 1920 and quickly became a famous actress. The most famous films with her participation are "Love Never Dies" (1921), "Iron House" (1924). With the advent of sound in the movies Madge Bellamy lost its former popularity, as it turned out that it is very squeaky childish voice. However, in 1932 she played the lead female role in the horror film White Zombie, which was very popular.

In 1943, her name was on the front pages of American newspapers, but not in connection with success in the movies. Police arrested Madge Bellamy after she shot her lover, millionaire Stanford Murphy, three times with a gun after he announced to her that he was going to marry someone else. She was 44 years old; he was 53. Murphy survived; Madge explained to the police officers who arrived that she only wanted to frighten him, the shots were accidental. Madge Bellamy spent only five days in jail, after which she was released on bail. However, after such a scandal, the road to the movies was closed. With great difficulty, she managed to once removed in a small role in the movie "Northwest Trail" (1945).

Madge Bellamy stayed in California and got a job as a clerk in a store. In her spare time she tried to write novels, but publishers would not publish them. Then she began writing her memoirs, but no one wanted to publish them either. For decades she lived in poverty, struggling to make ends meet. When there was a real estate boom in California in the 1980s, she sold her house and got as much money as she had been paid even in her glory days.

She died Jan. 24, 1990, of a heart attack in California. A book of her memoirs came out a few months after her death.


June 30, 1899
Madge Bellamy was born in Hillsboro.


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