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Lynkeos Technology Ltd

Lynkeos Technology Ltd

A company using naturally occurring cosmic-ray muons to produce 3D images of shielded objects. Their technology is primarily applied to characterizing nuclear waste.

Lynkeos Technology Ltd is a company offering Muon Imaging Systems for commercial applications. They produce passive 3D imaging systems that use naturally-occurring background radiation in the form of cosmic-ray muons to inspect the contents of complex, shielded structures.

Lynkeos Technology's Muon Imaging System creates high-resolution 3D images of shielded objects, that cannot be analyzed by conventional techniques such as X-rays. The technology utilizes state-of-the-art imaging algorithms, which reconstruct the 3D density map from the path taken by the muons through our detector system.

The primary focus of their work is the analysis of Intermediate-Level Nuclear Waste drums. The system identifies different materials, such as uranium and concrete, based on their density. Nuclear waste characterization is an ideal application for muography as imaging is not time-critical and there are no alternative technologies that provide similar capabilities. Given the quantity of nuclear waste stored globally, a growing need to be able to characterize and monitor the waste is required to improve safety and reduce storage costs.

Lynkeos Technology is a University of Glasgow spin-off company founded in August 2016 by Prof. Ralf Kaiser. Previously Kaiser initiated the Sellafield Ltd. funded Muon Tomography project at the University of Glasgow in 2009. This project developed what would become the Lynkeos Technology Muon Imaging System. The technology was commercialized by Lynkeos under a £1.6 million Innovate UK First Of A Kind Deployment of Innovation contract.



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