Lyft is an American transportation network company. It designs, markets and operates a mobile application for matching drivers with passengers.

After a few big unions held talks on limiting employment protections for the companies' workers, other labor leaders denounced the idea.
Despite all the hype and excitement, questions have hung over these I.P.O.s: What would the appetite be among investors?
Plus, tensions with Iran reach a boiling point and Trump's meeting with China's president.
When you think through the economics, it appears that passengers are likely to face a more expensive future on Uber and Lyft.
We are very pleased to announce that the new and improved Crunchbase Unicorn Leaderboard re-launched today after nearly a year's absence from TechCrunch. Venture investors did a lot of handwringing in the past year over rising valuations, but that did not slow the unicorn juggernaut, as 2018...
When we asked you for your best tips for better ridesharing trips, dozens of drivers and fellow passengers replied. Here are the best tips we heard.
The company suppressed competition in the smartphone chip market and then charged excessive licensing fees, a federal judge has ruled.
Lyft is sued by investors over its initial public offering - court filing
The digital pinboard company's stock price tumbled in after-hours trading after its first earnings report as a public company.
Startup CEOs heading to the public markets have a love/hate relationship with their investment bankers. On one hand, they are helpful in introducing a company to a wide range of asset managers who will hopefully hold their company's stock for the long term, reducing price volatility and by...
The National Labor Relations Board's position is a setback for drivers who had hoped to join forces to push for better pay and working conditions.
It's not looking great for ride-hailing giant Uber (NYSE: UBER). Today, Uber closed its second day of trading down more than 18.8% from its IPO price at $37.25 per share, with a market cap of $62.2 billion. Uber, which was previously valued at $72 billion by venture capitalists on the private...
Slack discloses latest earnings, plans NYSE direct listing for June 20.
Plus, the continuing trade drama with China, and a pledge to end extremist content online.
Uber, Lyft and others going public this year are more established than their tech counterparts from the late 90s, but as some see slowing growth, there are questions about where they go from here.
At $45 a share, the company became the third largest for a firm going public on an American exchange.
Meet the semiretired millennials who left California for low-tax, low-stress places like Texas, as their former start-ups stampede toward the stock market.
Protests from Australia to San Francisco denounced the employment practices of ride-hailing companies. "I believe we deserve some respect and to be paid fairly," one driver said.
At that level, of $47 a share, Uber would be valued at about $86 billion -- well below the $100 billion that the company had forecast last month.
Drivers for ride-hailing apps in Boston insisted their strike Wednesday sent a strong message ahead to today's Uber initial public offering that they want fair compensation, even as company and government officials said the effects were minimal and many drivers stayed behind the wheel. "It was...