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Ludlow (company)

Ludlow (company)

A digital media company that generates original newsletters for its users. It is located in New York City, New York and was founded in 2016.

Ludlow is a New York-based media company that creates content for its users' enterprises in the form of a newsletter with the intention of generating business leads. Each newsletter can be tailored to the specific category or topic which the user dictates.


Users of Ludlow first use the interface to enter any topic to create a newsletter that is tailored to the users' companies' audiences. Topics can include anything ranging from climate change to ballet.Next the user can style the newsletter using the company logo, edit descriptions if need be, and customize the newsletter using a feature called "intuitive newsletter editor". Finally, the user can connect to their Mailchimp account and send newsletters to their desired audience either directly from Ludlow or creating a link on their own platform.

Ludlow uses machine learning to generate content for its users newsletters based off of what topic the user has requested. Using application programming interface (API), each company can reach its target audience through any platform.



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May 25, 2017


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