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Lucy Therapeutics

Lucy Therapeutics

Lucy Therapeutics is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based biotechnology company providing treatments for neurological diseases.

Lucy Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that has a unifying mitochondrial platform. The company is developing small molecule treatments for neurological diseases together with a peripheral mitochondrial biomarker.

Its platform, LucyTx’s platform, has led to discovering targets which can enhance central energetic dysfunctions in these diseases and address their complex organ symptomatology selectively in diseased vs. healthy cells. Its targets have been validated as neuroprotective in several animal models.

LucyTx interrogates complex biology with well-defined molecules to answer vital questions about the pathways that are vital for disease modification.

Lucy Therapeutics is providing a novel approach to drug discovery by drugging targets that are associated with early disease pathogenesis. The company's strategy is a novel dosing regimen which will mimic effects that are known to be protective for neurological and cardiovascular events implicated in key CNS diseases.


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