LittleBizzy is a LittleBizzy is a web hosting service company.

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LittleBizzy is a web hosting service company.


LittleBizzy is a managed WordPress hosting provider based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It was founded in 2011 as a website management company, and re-launched in 2015 as a WordPress hosting company focused on performance and technical SEO. It is believed to be the first web host in the United States to be sued for business disparagement where Section 230 protection statues were actively ignored and officially struck from the record by a U.S. federal judge.

The lawsuit, filed by Neumont University (now Neumont College of Computer Science), was eventually thrown out, but not before attracting attention among high profile legal groups, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation.{{Citation needed}} LittleBizzy founder Jesse Nickles accused Jennifer A. Dorsey, the judge assigned to the case, of legal malfeasance and bias, based in part on corruption allegations involving U.S. Senator Harry Reid.


Besides web hosting, LittleBizzy also offers technical SEO-related services. They also maintain the open source Nginx server automation script, SlickStack.

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