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Lens Protocol

Lens Protocol

A permissionless, composable, & decentralized social graph that makes building a Web3 social platform easy. From the team that brought you the Aave Protocol. Uses Polygon blockchain.

Short Description

Lens Protocol is a composable and decentralized social graph, ready for you to build on so you can focus on creating a great experience, not scaling your users.

Longer Description

The Lens Protocol is a Web3, smart contracts-based social graph on the Polygon Proof-of-Stake blockchain designed to empower creators to own the links between themselves and their community, forming a fully composable, user-owned social graph. The protocol is built from the ground up with modularity in mind, allowing new features to be added while ensuring immutable user-owned content and social relationships.

Since users own their data, they can bring it to any application built on top of Lens Protocol. As the true owners of their content, creators no longer need to worry about losing their content, audience, and livelihood based on the whims of an individual platform's algorithms and policies. Additionally, each application using the Lens Protocol benefits the whole ecosystem, turning the zero-sum game into a collaborative one. Developers can design meaningful social experiences without needing to turn to feedback mechanisms to lock in a user's attention.

The project team writes about their project:

Lens Protocol is a user-owned, open social graph that any application can plug into. Each application using Lens benefits the whole ecosystem, turning the zero-sum game into a collaborative one. Developers can focus on crafting an excellent experience for their users and leave the growth hacking to the protocol!


Mint a profile, follow others, create and collect any publications, including posts, comments, and mirrors, completely on-chain.

Unlike social media platforms of the past, Lens Protocol and its content are powered by dynamic NFTs, giving the power and control over content directly to the users, allowing for native content monetization.


At its core, Lens Protocol is Web3 native, so from root to bud, it’s been built with features to serve the Web3 community.

Governance tools are built-in, content is collectible as NFTs and profiles are so composable that even a simple wallet can be a rudimentary frontend.


With technology that puts the control and power of what creators publish directly in their hands, the benefits of a decentralized social graph start with ownership.

Own your content

Own your social network

Own your data

Own the way you monetize

About using Polygon

The team writes about their choice of Polygon: "WHY POLYGON? Earth first. Polygon's eco-friendly blockchain allows each publication on Lens Protocol to have a low carbon footprint while being on a low-cost, secure blockchain."

More details

More details you can see in Developers Garden.

Another good explanation at


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7 Feb 2022

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8 Feb 2022


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