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Buy Now Pay Later Gateway for eCommerce merchants. Empowering merchants to boost pofitability and improve customer experience.

Lendiron is a software for eCommerce merchants to finance, manage and automate BNPL transactions

Boost profitability

Lendiron brings you multiple ways to boost profitability:

Finance BNPL: Use your balance sheet to finance selected BNPL customer profiles. Direct others to selected credit providers.

Stop outsourcing: Automate invoicing, collection and more. Increase your profit margins with additional revenue from BNPL.

Increase conversion: Beat low conversion rate of a single BNPL provider. Use multiple providers and maximise conversion.

Manage BNPL globally

No matter how many countries you cover, Lendiron powers you to seamlessly manage local partners and currencies from the HQ.

Multi-country: Manage all countries from the HQ. Customise partners, products and currencies locally.

Multi-partner: Access, manage and control multiple BNPL credit providers that fit your business model. All in 1 platform.

Multi-purpose: B2B, B2C, brick-and-mortar commerce – we support them all.

Control customer journey

The journey of your customers continues after the purchase. Lendiron powers you to control this part of the journey to maximise customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Your customers: Keep control, data and knowledge of BNPL customers’ experiences.

Your brand: Offer BNPL payment option under your own brand.

Your BNPL offering: Create BNPL campaigns for special promotions or to boost sales at the end of the season.



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