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Lee "Bunny" Jae-seon

Lee "Bunny" Jae-seon

For other people named Bunny see Bunny. Lee "Bunny" Jae-seon (born September 11, 1995) is a Korean Terran player who is currently playing for Team NV.

On April 10, 2013, he participated in the 2013 WCS Season 1 Korea GSL Qualifier, where he took down Hanbin, Iris and BeSt, qualifying for Challenger League. There he defeated Last 2-1 but lost to RagnaroK, which dropped him into the Up and Down matches.

In his WCS Korea 2013 Season 2 Up and Down matches on May 28, 2013, Bunny went a respectable 2-2, defeating strong Zerg players DongRaeGu and Leenock, but was still unable to qualify after losing to Maru and Ruin. In Challenger League, he was defeated 0-2 in the first round by Bang and was eliminated from WCS.


September 11, 1995
Lee "Bunny" Jae-seon was born in Republic of Korea.


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June 20, 2020


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