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Lockness is the faster, safer way to pay Crypto online without the risk of scams. Send & receive Crypto payments safely using an existing Meta Mask or Trust Wallet.

Welcome to Lockness

LockNess Formerly BitPal has developed the worlds first P2P Escrow Payment system. Now; with the power of the Lockness monster, You can finally pay anyone with cryptocurrency without the risk of being scammed!

What is LockNess?

Trading with cryptocurrencies can be a dangerous thing, For one it’s not trackable; which means once funds are gone, they’re gone forever.

What this means essentially is paying someone online can be difficult. There are all types of scams and people out there to take advantage of your well-earned money. But we at LockNess believe we have found the solution! At the heart of the solution lies the security of transferring funds through the secure LockNess platform and withholding funds for a specific period of time until the goods or services have been delivered, then the funds may be released if all has gone well. Although if the receiver is not satisfied with his purchase, LockNess ensures a full refund to the rightful recipient.

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