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Kobalt Media

Kobalt Media

Kobalt Media is a digital marketing agency that provides website creation, SEO, social media development, brand development, marketing, website maintenance, commercial hosting, and website security.

KOBALT MEDIA was formed out of the need to better address the inability of many to provide measurable results to mid-sized commercial businesses and professional office needs.

The heart of the business is based around the provided and team combined talents of providing high quality, commercial grade websites with optional services including but not limited to:

- Website Creation / All Formats

- WordPress Customization

- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

- Social Media Development

- Brand Development

- Marketing

- Website Maintenance

- Commercial Grade Hosting

- Website Security

Founded in 1985

- In reality, the business has had many transitions as technology has evolved. What started in Crystal River in 1985 as MICRODEX, INC. and specialized in the consulting and repair of all Microsoft PC's changed quickly as hardware repairs became less needed and there was a greater demand for networking as well as web based services. Through the years the company names too have evolved to reflect the times and while for many of the recent years operating under the given name of the owner, we adapted the KOBALT MEDIA name as one we felt represented the strength and direction of the present day and see it staying a relevant name well into the future.



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