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Kimry (Russian: Ки́мры), formerly Kimra (Кимра), is a town in the south of Tver Oblast, Russia, located on the Volga River at its confluence with the Kimrka River, 133 kilometers (83 mi) to the east of Tver.

Population: 49,628 (2010 Census); 53,650 (2002 Census); 61,535 (1989 Census).

The town was known as Kimra until the beginning of the 20th century; the name is probably of Finnic or Baltic origin. It was first mentioned in 1546as a selo belonging to Ivan the Terrible. It belonged to Russian Tsars until 1677 and then was given to the Saltykov family. In 1847, the inhabitants bought themselves out,and Kimra quickly developed into a busy shoemaking and trading village on the left bank of the Volga (a boot appears on the town's coat of arms). Théophile Gautier wrote in his Voyage en Russie (1867): "Kimra est célèbre pour ses bottes comme Ronda pour ses guêtres" (Kimra is famous for its shoes as Ronda for its gaiters). The district on the right bank of the Volga, known as Savyolovo, started to develop in 1901, when a railway connected the place to Moscow. Kimry was granted town status in 1917. A number of old churches and other buildings still exist in the town.

In the 18th century, Kimra was included into Moscow Governorate. In 1775 it was transferred to newly established Tver Viceroyalty. In 1796, the Viceroyalty was abolished and transformed into Tver Governorate.On December 30, 1918 Kimrsky Uyezd with the center in Kimry was established. On 12 August 1929, Tver Governorate was abolished, and the area was transferred to Moscow Oblast. Uyezds were abolished as well, and Kimrsky District, with the administrative center in Kimry, was established within Kimry Okrug of Moscow Oblast. On July 23, 1930, the okrugs were abolished, and the districts were directly subordinated to the oblast. On January 29, 1935 Kalinin Oblast was established, and Kimrsky District was transferred to Kalinin Oblast. In 1990, Kalinin Oblast was renamed Tver Oblast.


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