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Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un

A North Korean political, state, military and party figure, he is the chairman of the State Council of the DPRK, the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, as well as the supreme leader of the DPRK since 2011.

Kim succeeded his father, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il in 2011. He holds the positions of General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea (as first secretary between 2012 and 2016 and chairman in 2016-2021), Chairman of the Central Military Commission of the CPC, Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army and a member of the Presidium of the Politburo of the party - the highest decision-making body in North Korea.

In 2013, Forbes magazine ranked Kim 46th in the list of the most influential people in the world and 3rd in the list of influential Koreans (after Ban Ki-moon and Lee gong-hee).

Kim Jong-un's reign was marked by the continued development of missile and nuclear weapons, the launch of space satellites, economic reforms, the development of friendly relations with the People's Republic of China, as well as fluctuations in relations with South Korea and Western countries: from a sharp deterioration in 2015-2017 to a thaw in 2018.



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