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Kiev factory "Relays and Automatics"

Kiev factory "Relays and Automatics"

Kiev Plant of Relays and Automatics is a manufacturer of electronic calculating machines and other high-precision equipment for information processing

Kiev Plant of Relays and Automatics is a manufacturer of electronic calculating machines and other high-precision equipment for information processing, the plant was founded in 1954. In Soviet times, the plant was one of the leading relays and automatics in the city of Kiev, the enterprise worked more than 5000 specialists. For almost 60-year history the plant has designed, created and put into commercial production of over 500 types of products, including more than 200 names of relays and apparatus, and 200 - special purpose systems and devices - namely for the military-industrial complex, information about these devices to date classified, it is not publicly available. Products of the Relay and Automatics plant were exported to the international market, as well as used and applied in the leading plants and defense-industrial enterprises throughout the former Soviet Union. The first Computer tomography scanner in the Soviet Union was produced at the Relay and Automation Plant. The production of the plant received many awards at international exhibitions, was awarded more than 290 medals, including 35 gold medals. In 1979 the company was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.

Main products of the plant of relays and automatics: Systems and elements of computer equipment for the organization of meetings, conferences, press centers, presentations. Equipment for information infrastructure of city enterprises (Equipment for receiving parking payments, information kiosks, terminals for settlements and cashless payment, plasma video complexes, large color and monochrome LED displays, projection video complexes). On-board audio and visual passenger information systems for public transport, complete visual information systems for railway stations, airports, bus terminals, river and sea ports (boards and monitors for arrivals and departures, static and dynamic displays and free text monitors, route and information signs, special system components). Information systems for stadiums, concert halls, discotheques etc. Stand-alone and united in a system of uniform time clocks (LED and electronic with different sizes and types of mounting); Relays for time, phase control, frequency, temperature relays; Equipment for hospitals and medical centers - X-ray machine Sireskop CX, modernized computer tomograph CRT-1010, Magnetic Resonance Tomograph OPER. The company has been re-certified according to the international quality management standard ISO:9001.

To date, presumably due to corruption of the company's management, this outstanding company has been declared bankrupt.



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