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Khizri Zapirov

Khizri Zapirov

Russian blogger

Khizri Zapirov is a blogger better known under the pseudonym Khiza. The guy is very popular due to his cruel pranks. Many believe that the young man walks on the edge and removes too dangerous jokes. Others admire his work.

Khizri Zapirov was born on November 13, 1995 in a small village in Dagestan. Hiza is not the only child in the family, he has two younger sisters. Until the third grade, he studied in his native land. After that, he moved to the Trans-Baikal Territory, where he continued his studies. There, the guy lived for 7 years. Then he returned home, where he received his secondary education.

In 2012, Khiza moved to live in Moscow. There he entered the Institute of National and Regional Relations. I chose municipal government as a faculty. As a student, the guy began to understand that he did not want to work in his specialty. Therefore, he began to think about what he would do after graduation. In 2017, he graduated and created the Khiza Instagram channel.

Having created a personal blog, Khiza immediately decided that he would shoot pranks and practical jokes. The blogger started with very cruel jokes. In these pranks, he used various dangerous animals, including bears, snakes, tigers and crocodiles. The videos caused a great stir and a storm of indignation. The blogger got on the covers of various news sites and became a hero of the Russian media.

Thanks to such publicity, in just a year, Khizri gained several million subscribers. However, dissatisfied users were outraged by such content. They created a petition to block the Hiza channel. About 100 thousand signatures were collected, but the channel was not closed.

Later, Hiza switched to less dangerous pranks. Also, the guy came up with a new format in which he demonstrated his accuracy. Over 3 years of blogging activity, more than 8 million people subscribed to Khiza's Instagram.

Heeza prefers not to expose the details of his personal life to the public. It is known that the guy has no children and he has never been married. The blogger is very popular among girls, he probably has no end to fans.

The blogger continues to actively develop his creativity. He does not slow down and continues to shoot hard pranks. Despite the fact that many condemn the guy for defiant videos, he continues to shoot them. Every day his popularity is growing as well as the number of subscribers.

In October 2021, Khiza decided to play Murad (Israpil) Legend. The prank turned out to be much tougher than originally thought. The infamous Dagestani flew several meters into the air after the airbag, which was installed under the seat of the sofa where Murad was sitting, went off.

On January 27, it became known that Khiza was put on the wanted list in Russia. Celebrities are accused of fraud.


January 30, 2022
January 30, 2022
Блогер Хиза объявлен в федеральный розыск
November 1995
Khizri Zapirov was born in Dagestan.


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