Kanzeh.net is a fashion brand under the banner of the UAE based Continuum Trading FZE.

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Kanzeh.net is a fashion brand under the banner of the UAE based Continuum Trading FZE.


The brand was first launched in early 2015 in the Sharjah free economic zone. Kanzeh.net is an e-commerce fashion store that manufactures and designs their own items. Its headquarters lie in Sharjah, UAE, and delivers its items worldwide.

Kanzeh.net has its own ISO certified manufacturing plant.


Kanzeh.net was first established and launched in 2015 in Sharjah. The CEO of the company is Amir Sebai. Amir launched the company while still in college with the assistance of the co-founder Salam Nahlawi and Nour Sebai.

The company started out as a small e-commerce platform that functioned over Instagram. It targeted customers in the UAE only, and soon after it started expanding to the rest of the GCC countries.

The company launched its website in 2016 and started exporting and selling worldwide. At that stage, 40% of Kanzeh.net’s customer base was from social media, 40% from the website and around 20% through direct referrals.

Product & Services

Kanzeh.net offers both men’s and women’s clothing. It specializes in custom printed T-shirts and hoodies that are designed and feature Arabic calligraphy. Kanzeh.net’s products fall under:

• Fashion Textiles.

• Work Apparel.

• Corporate Uniforms.

• School Uniform.

• Hospitality Uniform.

• Food and Beverage Uniforms.

• Sports Wear.

• Security and Military Uniforms.

• Home Textile.

• Promotional Products (i.e. pens, cups, hats and other small items that can hold a design)

Manufacturing and distribution

Kanzeh.net manufactures its own clothing and has its own printing machines. Once products are ordered through the website, the design is loaded into the machine and shipped.

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