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Kaido (company)

Kaido (company)

Kaido is a digital wellbeing company based at Innovation Birmingham in England.

Kaido aims to improve individuals' health and wellbeing by providing a personalised educational experience using analysis of behavioural patterns from wearable technologies.


Kaido was founded in 2015 by Richard Westman. In May 2016, Kaido received £50,000 of investment from Creative England's Interactive Healthcare Programme for market testing, and joined the Serendip Smart City Incubator. Five months later, in October 2016, it received a further £50,000 of investment from Mercia's SME Innovation Fund in order to bring their platform to market. At the same time it became a UK-managed Microsoft partner company and joined its IoT & Data Innovation Programme.

Kaido has won a variety of awards including the EIT Health Headstart Award in December 2016, for which it received £50,000 of in-kind support from Pfizer, P&F, IBM and EIT Health. In July 2017, Kaido won the Economic Impact Award for it's Insights Platform, which turns health data into insights used by patients, doctors and businesses. In August 2018 it was named as one of BusinessCloud's 51 Tech for Good stars.



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