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John Roberts (software entrepreneur)

John Roberts (software entrepreneur)

John Roberts is an American software entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of X2Engine CRM, an open source based Customer Relationship Management CRM software company in 2011. Previously John co-founded SugarCRM, serving on both the board of directors and as CEO.


Prior to founding X2Engine Inc in 2011, John cofounded and was CEO of SugarCRM Inc from 2004 to 2009, Roberts worked at various customer relationship management vendors, including E.piphany, BroadVision, Baan/Aurum Software and IBM. He has a degree in Business from Virginia Commonwealth University. He has also co-authored several software engineering patents.

Personal life

John lives in Santa Cruz, California and is an active cyclist, sailor and motorcyclist.

X2Engine web application

X2Engine (also known as X2CRM) is a web application developed by the software company X2Engine, which located in Santa Cruz, California and founded by software entrepreneur John Roberts. X2Engine is Customer Relationship Management application designed for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service use. It also includes a custom module developer studio and a workflow engine. As of January 2015, X2Engine has been installed on more the 14,000 servers

across 160 countries.


X2Engine was created as new open source CRM project in 2011. The company was founded by John Roberts, SugarCRM co-founder and former CEO. The company offers both a free, open source licensed edition and commercial hosted and downloadable editions.


John Roberts was born in Washington, D.C..


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