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Jerome Lecat

Jerome Lecat

Jerome Lecat is a French entrepreneur, CEO and founder of an information technology, data storage global company Scality, based in San Francisco, California.

Early Life & Career

Lecat studied engineering in France at ENPC. He also holds a research master’s degree in Cognitive Science from Paris Diderot University. After completing his education he joined a job in the stock market. He built automatic stock picking models.

1994 to 2003

In 1994, together with Olivier Dauchot and Olivier Lemarié, Jerome founded Internet-Way, an ISP focused on the enterprise market. Three years later it was sold to UUNET.

In 2001, Jerome became Chairman of the Board of Data Center Technology (DCT), a Belgium based start-up which developed a unique Content Addressable Storage (CAS) technology, especially for the backup market. In 2003, he founded Bizanga, an email Message transfer agent for service providers.

2009 to Present

He sold Bizanga to Cloudmark in 2010. Jerome and his colleagues Giorgio Regni, Daniel Binsfeld, Serge Dugas, and Brad King founded Scality in 2009. Jerome supported En Marche and Macron presidential campaign since April 2016.

In November 2011 Jerome unveiled a private Cloud Storage for capacity larger than 100 TB.

Jerome joined open stack summit 2015 in Vancouver, Canada.


Jerome lives in Mill Valley with his wife Anna who is also an entrepreneur. Together Anna and Jérôme created the Sugar Foundation to support artists, teachers, and entrepreneurs.



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