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Javor (football club, Krasnopolye)

Javor (football club, Krasnopolye)

"Yavor" (Ukrainian: Yavir) is a Ukrainian football club from the urban—type settlement of Krasnopolye, Sumy region. He played in the First League of Ukraine. The team plays its home matches at the Kolos Stadium.

On January 12, 1982, a club with the name "Yavor" was organized at the forestry of the village of Krasnopolye. The team started competing in the Sumy region championship and 2 years later became the champion of the region, and the next year won the regional cup. In the national championship among the KFK in 1991, football players from Krasnopol entered the top three winners of their group.

In the first national championship of Ukraine, "Yavor" began to participate in competitions among professionals, first in the transitional league, then in the second. In 1995, Yavor won the Second league tournament.

In the 1995/96 season, "Javor" started in the first league and for the next 4 seasons became its strong middling.

In this form, the club existed for a season and a half, after which it smoothly transformed into FC Sumy/Spartak" Sumy.

In 2011, the team regained its historical name.


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