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JSC "Plant Elecon"

JSC "Plant Elecon"

JSC "Plant Elecon" is a leading Russian enterprise for the development and production of electrical connectors.

Factory main building


is a leading Russian enterprise for the development and production of electrical connectors and cable assemblies

JSC "Elekon Plant" manufactures over 75 types of connectors, including 40,000 type terminals with a number of contacts from 1 to 128, for aviation, railway, ground and other equipment. The quality system is certified according to GOST R ISO 9001-2015, meets the requirements of GOST RV 0015-002-2012 and ES RD 009-2014. The range of connectors produced includes the following types: 2RMT, 2RTT, SSHR, ONP-ZHI-8, RPS1, PPM46,47, RBN1,2, SNP382, SNC127, ONC-BS, SNC150, SNC23,232, 233, MP1, SP397, SNC146, SNC144K, VVT, 5R, connectors with built-in filter contacts, as well as cable assemblies. A wide range and quality of products meet the requirements of developers and manufacturers of facilities, equipment and instruments.


The progenitor of the modern JSC "Elekon Plant" is TOP (Plant of heat exchange devices),created on March 25, 1939.This date is considered the birthday of the plant.The first director is Vladimir Petrovich Golovanov.

Old factory buildings


With the beginning of the Second World War, factory-made radiators for cars and tanks, flameless heaters for aircraft engines, mine fuses were sent to the front. The production of the lighting composition was entrusted to TOP.

The list of military products also included containers for cartridges, safety checks for grenades, gas filters.

The factory in wartime


In the Soviet Union, the production of low-voltage low-frequency plug connectors was mastered in 1947. It was with these connectors that TOP, renamed the Kazan plant p/ya 296 (later JSC "Plant Elekon"), began its new production activity.

production of low-voltage low-frequency plug connectors


The beginning of the 50s was a time of strengthening and expansion of production sites. Launch of serial production of plug connectors. The number of workers is growing, new special equipment is being introduced. The volume of manufactured products is growing.

Launch of serial production of plug connectors.


A new "Era" for the plant is associated with the release of radio equipment "Chrome" - an aircraft identification system "friend-foe". The millionth connector has been released.

radio equipment "Chrome"


From 1959 to 1965, the company was tasked with providing connectors to all the most important industries of the country, including the newest – space. The Rubin-1 radio monitoring equipment created by our factory was installed in the instrument compartment of the Vostok-1 spacecraft. It was on it that Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin made the world's first space flight.

The Rubin-1 radio monitoring equipment


In December 1960, the chief designer of the Design Bureau of the MEI A.F. Bogomolov received information that approximately in March-April 1961, the launch of a manned spacecraft was being prepared. The Kazan plant was instructed to release a modification of the equipment "Rubin-1D" - "Rubin V" for the time remaining before this period.


For the fulfillment of the government task to ensure the flight of Yuri Gagarin, the plant's staff was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR dated June 17, 1961.

1962 - 1970

Purposefully for space, the company produces radio equipment, hundreds of thousands of connectors for on-board equipment, in control systems, communications, telemetry, at launch sites and in mission control centers. The first high- hermetic and high-temperature connector appeared (up to 250 0C). The Doppler control system "Sail" for the first cruise missile was produced. The Kontakt device was manufactured for radio docking of the lunar lander and the lunar orbiter. A unique onboard computer system "Salyut 3", "Salyut 3M", "Salyut 31" has been created.



The first and only stereo system "Electronics B1-01" in the USSR was developed (jointly with the Tbilisi Research Institute "Mion") and implemented

stereo system "Electronics B1-01


The production of the electronic keyboard computer EKVM "Electronics DD" began, which was in great demand throughout the country (more than 50 thousand machines were produced).

"Electronics DD"


The country's first EKVM model – "Electronics D3" made entirely on integrated circuits has been developed. It was mass-produced during 1975-1980 with an annual volume of up to 30 thousand.

The country's first EKVM model – "Electronics D3"


The scientific and production association "Elekon" is being created.It includes the Kazan Plant of radio Components, the Urussinsky plant "Electrical Connector", the Kazan Design Bureau of plug connectors. The association was headed by L.V.Gizatdinov. Numerical control equipment is being introduced into production. Five-year plans to increase the volume of industrial production are being successfully exceeded. In serial production, the production of 48 (118 typonominal) new products has been mastered, more than 30 research works have been carried out.

The scientific and production association "Elekon" is being created


The beginning of production of the first domestic desktop miniature programmable microcalculator "Electronics MK-56".



In the early 90s, the Ministry of Defense completely abandoned previously made orders. Consequently, the production of products for military equipment has practically stopped. The company has been retrained for the production of consumer goods.

From 1992 to 1996, 8 new productions were created at the plant: medical and agricultural, gas and water shut-off valves, souvenirs, lighting equipment, products from artistic casting and consumer goods, connectors for civil purposes. There are 70 new products in total. But the situation remained difficult.

The company has been retrained for the production of consumer goods.


During this difficult time, the plant was headed by Nikolai Alexandrovich Kolesov. He and his team adopted a program of measures to overcome the crisis and developed plans for the development of the enterprise.

During this difficult time, the plant was headed by Nikolai Alexandrovich Kolesov.


The company was incorporated. The volume of production and sales of products increased by 1.7 times, it was possible to fully repay the arrears of taxes and wages. The team celebrated the 60th anniversary of the plant.

The company was incorporated


Russian Agency of Management Systems (RASU) JSC "Elekon Plant" was appointed the head enterprise in the Russian Federation for the development and application of cylindrical connectors and assigned the functions of the Bureau of Application of Cylindrical Connectors.

cylindrical connectors.


Special attention is paid to the development and production of electrical connectors. New products RBN-1, RBN-2, PPM-46, PPM-47, RPS, SNC-23 allowed to expand sales markets and significantly increase product sales. Headed by the General Director N.A.Kolesov, a strategy for the further development of JSC "Plant Elecon" was developed, which included the technical re-equipment of the main production due to modern imported equipment.

technical re-equipment of the main production at the expense of modern imported equipment.


The plant is actively developing new types of electrical connectors RPS, ONP-ZHI-8, which are characterized by small dimensions and weight. The high reliability of these products has made them the most widely used in space technology. The modernization of mass-produced connectors is being carried out with the addition of new properties to them. Radio hermetic connectors with electromagnetic protection are being developed. Winner of the annual national award "Best Company - 2006".



Receiving the honorary title of "The Best employer in Russia".



Since 2009, JSC "Elekon Plant" has been systematically working on the development of new connectors, as well as the modernization of mass-produced electrical connectors.

development of new connectors


Work has been completed on the development of SP397 connectors, which are analogues of foreign Micro-D connectors manufactured according to MIL-DTL-83513 by Glenair, USA, Amphenol, as well as SNC 144K connectors, which are analogues of foreign connectors of the series III according to MIL-DTL-38999 by DEUTSCH France. As a result of the work, 2 types, 62 type terminals, 7112 connector type structures were developed.

connectors SP397

2015 - 2016

Work on the development of connectors manufactured by Ukrainian enterprises has been completed. As a result, 13 types, 47 type terminals, 190 type structures of connectors have been developed, which are analogues of connectors manufactured in Ukraine.

Completed work on the development of connectors

2016 - 2019

Currently, the company is developing and mastering six new electrical connectors within the framework of the ROC.

Development of new electrical connectors


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