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Innovate UK is a the uk's innovation agency founded in 2007.

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Funded Companies

Emergex Vaccines Holding Limited

Emergex aims to tackle the global threat of infectious disease by providing affordable and practical on-demand vaccine solutions.

Oxford Genetics is a synthetic biology company specializing in DNA design, protein expression optimization and cell line development technologies and services.

CHAIN Biotechnology is a live biotherapeutics company founded in 2014 and based in Nottingham and Marlow, UK. CHAIN works with the Synthetic Biology Research Centre in Nottingham and has built a live biotherapeutic platform based on Clostridia being to deliver bioactive molecules to treat diseases associated with the human gut microbiome.

Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems is a company designing and developing hardware and software interface between the human nervous system and external devices to treat chronic diseases.

Crypta Labs is quantum security startup that is developing a quantum-based encryption chip and software to secure the Internet of Things. The company developed a Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) for mobile devices and an integrated security chip for others. The company is targeting transport, military and medical markets.

Current Health (formerly snap40) is a British company founded in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2015 by Christopher McCann and Stewart Whiting. The company produces remote patient monitoring systems that enable hospitals to discharge patients sooner, reduce readmissions, and respond early to signs of deterioration.

Lightpoint Medical is a solutions developer and provider for the health care industry, specializing in the development of intra-operative, robot-guided systems.

Customizable, 3D-printed toy company. Techstars graduate, acquired by Disney.

Freeline Therapeutics Limited is a Stevenage, England-based biotechnology company developing liver directed gene therapies for a range of diseases.

Feebris Ltd is a Saffron Walden-based medical device company.

Swarm Systems is a developer of unmanned aerial vehicles for military applications.

Kromek develops and manufactures radiation detection devices for the medical, nuclear and other industries.

CellCentric is a clinical stage biotechnology company that focuses on developing first of its kind.

Pqshield Limited is an Oxford-based cryptography company using their cryptographic knowledge to develop cybersecurity solutions.

Perceptual Robotics is an industrial automation company based in Bristol.

Piclo is a software company that is building smart energy for the future.

A company developing an ion trap based quantum computer.

Whispering Gibbon Ltd is a England-based company founded in 2011 by Joe Stevens.

Sarissa Biomedical Limited is a company that emerged from Warwick University.

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Angelica Malin
May 12, 2021
Business Insider
Insider profiles 9 medtech startups that have investors' attention after the CEO of the London startup Huma predicted "the very beginning" of a revolution.
Enesi Pharma
April 27, 2021
/PRNewswire/ -- Enesi Pharma ("Enesi"), an innovative biotechnology company developing next-generation vaccination products targeting infectious diseases and...
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March 31, 2021
BBC News
Nobel laureate Sir Paul Nurse also says science is crucial for dealing with climate change.
ConserV Bioscience
January 19, 2021
/PRNewswire/ -- ConserV Bioscience Limited ("ConserV"), a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing vaccines that protect against endemic and...
By Emma Woollacott
December 18, 2020
BBC News
Animal feed is often transported thousands of miles so scientists are looking at new production methods.
Ian Randall
October 28, 2020
Mail Online
'Kai's Sanctuary' was developed by London-based child health start-up Brightlobe, and was fully funded by governmental innovation agency Innovate UK.
November 3, 2020
A new project led by Rolls-Royce with support from the ATI Programme will make future aerospace servicing technologies a reality. Engineers will work on 20 technologies that will reduce disruption for airlines and lessen our environmental impact by repairing components rather than scrapping them. Other industries such as nuclear and off-shore renewables will also benefit from the project. Technologies include: , , , , , , • Snake robots which travel inside jet engines to access complex parts,...
JD Alois
June 27, 2020
Crowdfund Insider
Click HERE to find out ⭐ Billon Group Receives Grant to Develop COVID-19 Immunity Certificates Using Blockchain. | Crowdfund Insider: Global Fintech News, including Crowdfunding, Blockchain and more.
May 2, 2019
A three-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programme between leading public services provider Amey and Leeds Beckett University has been graded as 'Outstanding' by Innovate UK, one of only 10% of projects to get this accolade. The behavioural safety research project, SafetySmart, has led to the development of a unique measurement tool to assess the impact employee behaviours and attitudes have on safety incidents. The tool is now being used in Amey's Consulting and Rail Business. ...
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