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NFT collections of 9999 unique SpliffSters & the one and only SpliffMeister drawn in a comic book style based on Internet Computer

ICSpliffSters is an epic collection of 9999 unique SpliffSters & the one and only SpliffMeister drawn in a comic book style.

The idea behind the project is to create the largest joint gathering on blockchain. We hope to bring to life those funny gents into a NFT comic book.

The SpliffMeister and SpliffSters gonna hotbox the ICP blockchain, becoming the very first Chain-smokers. The concept of NFT comic book is new on ICP and we are hopping to be pioneers on this chapter. Be ready for great surprises ahead and buckle up, cus’ we gonna get really high!

This bad boys are coming to Entrepot in time for the holidays. And how this part of the year is about giving, we have decided to donate for charity 40% of our initial sale. Helped by our community we will light up the Christmas for those who need most.

We kindly ask of you, to read and respect the rules of the server and to post only in designated categories and subcategories.


Q4 2021:

- point zero of our NFT project.

- we put together our team and we come up with the idea, name and design of the project.

- we created the Discord server and the Twitter page.

- marketing, lots of giveaways and collabs with other ICFamilly projects

- negotiations with real world brands and announce future collaborations.

Q1 2022:

- project launch date was delayed to early Febraury.

- got new partners in our team.

- hosted games for our community and lots of giveaways on social media.

- launched articles on DSCVR and Medium, including the origin story of the ICSpliffsters.

- launch of SpliffSters website.

- started our collab with Kristian Dimofte aka Kady’s, a well known artist; you can check out his amazing art at"

- public-sale phase is set to be on the 11th of February 2022 at 4:20 UTC on Entrepot.

- our sale will be structured into 6 tiers, starting from 0.5 ICP and increasing with 0.1 ICP each tier.

- when all the ICSpliffsters are minted we’ll put 40% of the ICP from the public-sale into the charity-fund.

- the lucky minter of Spliffmeister will receive a gold statue of his NFT, made by Kady’s.

- the minters of the 4 Elders will recieve a silver replica of their NFT.

- we intend to apply for the Dfinity foundation grant that will help a lot our development and facilitate the next steps of the project.

- sold out of the collection marks the ground-zero of the ICSpliffsters comic-book volumes that we intend to drop next.

- begin of the marketplace sales on Entrepot of the ICSpliffsters NFTs; important mention: we’ll be putting 20% of our royalties into the charity fund.

- continue to grow our community and reward them via giveaways and contests.

Q2 2022:

- start of the marketing phase of the ICSpliffsters NFT comic-book.

- holders of the ICSpliffsters NFTs will get to participate in the open debates regarding the content of the comic-book.

- set up the main story arch for our comic-book.

- we’ll sneak peak parts of the comic-book and announce the launching date of the project by the end of Q2.

- we intend to continue our collaborations with the ICFamilly projects and give the community as much value as we can.

11.02.2022 mint and list on Entrepot market.




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