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Hago Energetics, Inc.

Hago Energetics, Inc.

Hago Energetics is a Thousand Oaks, California-based carbon capture and storage company using the waste CO2 to create biofuels.

Hago Energetics, Inc. aims to help farms become more profitable by converting farm waste to high-value products, such as hydrogen and valuable carbons. They break down organic matter, such as food scraps and animal waste, in conditions with no oxygen to produce biogas that is later decomposed into hydrogen and carbon. This hydrogen expects to be sold at a lower cost and lower carbon footprint than the current methods.

Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen project aims to commercialize technology that converts biogas to hydrogen. Hago Energetics plans to install a pilot in the Central Valley and demonstrate the commercial viability of the hydrogen and carbon produced. Hago hopes to supply biohydrogen to a variety of industries.

Industrial Carbon Capture

Hago Energetics' process is unique in that multiple revenue streams result from carbon dioxide conversion. The goals of the Industrial Carbon Capture project are to capture waste carbon dioxide and recycle these carbon dioxide emissions by conversion to useful chemicals. In particular, Hago generates methanol from recycled carbon dioxide. The company has a letter of intent with a major natural gas-powered plant to pilot its technology. The ultimate goal is to have commercial facilities throughout the world recycling industrial emissions of carbon dioxide.

Direct Air Capture

Direct Air Capture sucks carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. There is an excess of carbon dioxide produced by industrial emissions and Hago removes it from the atmosphere to maintain a stable climate. The project provides a unique solution to this problem. Hago builds a portable prototype that demonstrates the capture.

Mars CO₂ Conversion

Hago Energetics intends to show NASA how to convert carbon dioxide and water, two substances that are superabundant on Mars, into food for humans and bacteria. This project will jump-start Hago to establish a colony on Mars.


Hago Energetics, Inc. was founded by Wilson Hago.


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