Greenspring Associates

Greenspring Associates

U.S-based venture capital firm providing investment for venture capital firms as well as startups.

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Greenspring Associates specializes in funding for venture capital firms although it also offers funding directly to companies. For venture capital firms, Greenspring Associates typically invests in growth equity managers, secondary fund investments, and later stage direct venture capital funds. As for companies, the firm invests in those at various stages of financing, from seed-stage to mezzanine. Greenspring Associates focuses on funding companies that are based in North America, EuropeEurope, Australia, China, and India. The firm prefers to fund companies that operate in the field of information technology, biotechnology, healthcare, and telecommunications. As of February 2019, it has managed to amass a fund total of $2.9 billion, with its most recent funding round held in January 2019. This funding round succeeded in raising $999 million.