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GreenPower is the anchor currency in a decentralized system of next-generation marketplace incentives. Designed to bring the benefits of decentralized finance (DeFi) to the mainstream, GreenPower serves as the core asset in this innovative set of marketplace solutions.

GreenPower Moves to Ethereum

As part of the lead up to the global launch of a new decentralized incentives system, GreenPower has been migrated to the Ethereum network to harness certain strategic advantages.

Revolutionary Marketplace Incentives

GreenPower is the leading currency in a decentralized system of next-generation marketplace incentives.

Unleashing the Power of DeFi within the Global Marketplace

The same decentralized dynamics that are creating such tremendous opportunities in global finance will make a dramatic impact on the global marketplace.

Incentives for the New Economy

Participating companies can increase sales and profits and enhance loyalty by connecting their customers to a universal system of blockchain-based loyalty points. Fully integrated with advanced blockchain technology, this system enables virtually any business to easily plug into its decentralized incentive system, providing immediate benefits and considerable value to existing customers while delivering significant marketing leverage and reduced cost in attracting new customers. The system is simple to set up and can be easily customized for the needs of each participating business and its customers.

Now on the Ethereum blockchain, GreenPower is the leading digital asset in a revolutionary system of marketplace incentives. GreenPower serves as the decentralized mechanism for membership within this universal incentive system. Membership benefits are determined by the number of units of GreenPower being held in reserve within a decentralized vault system. The more GreenPower held, the greater the benefits. All participating businesses throughout the world offer a range of special membership benefits. There are no membership fees or annual renewals required to be eligible for these privileges, simply continue to hold the necessary level of GreenPower in reserve within the vault contract.

Over 3 Years of Successful Blockchain Operations & Distribution

Since its launch on March 31, 2017, the GreenPower mainnet (called the Powerchain) features 3-second confirmation intervals and has produced nearly 30 million blocks. (By comparison, Bitcoin has produced just over 650,000 blocks in its over 10-year history)

Global License System

Over 150,000 account holders from over 180 countries have purchased a license (minimum of €100) to access and develop applications on the blockchain system. In addition to the rights conveyed with the license, each licensee received a certain number of utility tokens (which varied depending on the level of the license) for use on the mainnet. The license system has led to a tremendously wide distribution of the coins. Unlike virtually every other crypto asset, GreenPower does not have a heavy concentration of ownership. [Will insert one sentence here to describe exactly how wide the distribution of coins is within the base of ownership.

Unique Minting Model

Utility tokens (called Cycles) were only distributed to licensees and were never available to be transferred or market-traded. These utility tokens could be used for two purposes only:

1) To power blockchain operations for applications developed on the mainnet, or 2) For submission to a minting process which converted a certain number of the utility tokens to a market-traded coin (now known as GreenPower).

Tokens were submitted to a blockchain-based queue and every ten minutes a certain number of coins were minted from the submitted tokens. The minting process ended on May 8th of 2019 when all remaining Cycles in the queue were minted out, resulting in a final amount of 3,294,166,501 coins in the system. All coins have been issued and distributed and there will be no more coins ever created in the system.

Incentivized Marketing

Much of the global growth of our community is due to incentives offered through a referral-based marketing system. The incentives were designed to attract and develop teams of motivated marketers who worked cooperatively throughout the world to bring the message of blockchain to mainstream users. The system tracked the impact of every affiliate and rewarded each with a portion of the total license sales commensurate with their individual impact.

Decentralized Alliance Companies

The ecosystem that developed around GreenPower was not managed by a central company or foundation. Instead, an alliance of companies from jurisdictions throughout the world (including Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Malta, Dubai, Gibraltar) worked together on a shared vision, with each company developing a different but interdependent solution for the mutual benefit of all ecosystem participants.

Passionate Global Community

GreenPower has always been intended to serve as a way to spread the benefits of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to the global mainstream. Consequently, by making it simpler to get involved with this new technology, we successfully attracted the attention of tens of thousands of people around the world who have awakened to the power of blockchain technology and are very passionate about GreenPower.


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