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Gold & Green Foods

Gold & Green Foods is a food technology startup from Helsinki, Finland founded by Maija Itkonen, Reeta Kivela, and Zhongqing Jiang in 2015 serving vegetarians, flexitarians, pescaterians, and meat eaters. The company develops and markets plant protein products made from Nordic oats and legumes.

Gold & Green Foods makes meat alternatives and other products targeting vegetarian, pescatarian, flexitarian, and meat consumers. The company was founded in 2015 by Maija Itkonen, Reeta Kivela, and Zhong-Qing Jiang, and is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

Gold & Green Foods makes their products using Nordic ingredients such as Nordic oats and legumes, and combines them using Asian food technologies mixed with findings from Nordic food science to create their plant-based products.


Pulled Oats

In 2016, Gold & Green Foods launched their first product line in Finland called Pulled Oats made out of Nordic oats, fava beans, and pea proteins. Pulled Oats are offered in three different flavors: Nude, Tomato, and Ginger.

Nordic Oatballs

Green & Gold Foods introduced their Nordic Oatballs, a product meant to imitate Swedish Meatballs. The oatballs are manufactured out of Nordic oats, pea protein, faba been, rapeseed oil, and water. The Oatballs come in three flavors: plain, tomato and meze.


Green & Gold Foods introduced two patty-style food products: their Pulled Oats Pan Fried Patty and Pulled Oats Hamburger. The Pulled Oats Pan Fried Patty is made of their original Nordic Oats recipe of oats, beans and peas. These ingredients are sheared, heated and baked together to create a patty which can be pan-fried. The Pulled Oats Burger is similar to the Pulled Oats Pan Fried Patty but includes oil and spices to give it a more hamburger-like texture and cooking experience.


On September 9, 2016, the Finnish food company Paulig acquired a 51% stake in Gold & Green Foods for an undisclosed amount. Prior to Paulig's acquisition of a majority stake position in Gold & Green Foods, Gold & Green Foods raised over €1,000,000 from private investors.


December 12, 2019

Gold&Green Foods, known for its Pulled Oats, to cooperate with UNICEF.

The cooperation will be seen in Pulled Oats products. Gold&Green Foods has committed to supporting UNICEF's operations through donations for three years.

August 29, 2017

Gold&Green Foods launches new products and expands into the international market.



Maija Itkonen

Co-Founder, CEO, and Director

Reetta Kivelä

Co-Founder and CTO

Zhong-Qing Jiang

Co-Founder and Chief Scientist

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