Glycos Biotechnologies

Glycos Biotechnologies

Glycos Biotechnologies, founded in 2007, now known as GlycosBio, is a biotechnology company based in Houston, Texas . GlycosBio Asia is a subsidiary based in Malaysia .

GlycosBio initially focused on engineering strains of microbes to convert non-food biomaterials into sustainable chemicals and renewable fuels , now at the Johnson and Johnson Innovation Center, Texas Medical Center, it has pivoted to producing medicinal foods for patients with digestive diseases .

GlycosBio engineers the metabolism of non-pathogenic microorganisms so that they produce desired chemicals or products using waste products like glycerin or fatty acids. GlycosBio partnered with Malaysian Bio-XCell in 2012 to make use of the palm oil industry’s source of renewable feedstocks for their microbes, and produce acetone, technical-grade ethanol and isoprene . GlycosBio is a member of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Engineering Research Center for Biorenewable Chemicals (CBiRC) . According to their website history, GlycosBio branched into two main areas of focus in 2017: specialty chemicals and nutraceuticals . Their current website contains information about their nutraceutical and nutritional products only.

Nutritional Products

GlycosBio produces nutritional supplements for people with nutritional deficiencies due to diseases like cystic fibrosis, Crohn’s disease and cancer. Their products come from plant-derived ingredients that are restructured into components that are meant to be easily digestible and provide energy with minimal effort from the body . Some products have completed phase I clinical trials (4) which tests on heathy individuals.

PERT-free is a nutritional shake containing lipids, proteins and micronutrients developed for cystic fibrosis patients . Ninety percent of cystic fibrosis patients need to take enzymes before eating (pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy – PERT) because their pancreas which normally would produce those enzymes is blocked with mucous . GlycosBio claims their product allows patients to bypass PERT.

Monomega is a form of omega-3 fatty acid that is predigested to monoglyceride form, a structure that is formed from triglycerides in a healthy body. Monomega is for patients with impaired pancreatic lipase activity .

Sustainable Chemicals Products

GlycosBio Asia has produced isoprene from glycerin as alternative to petroleum-based isoprene, which is used to produce synthetic rubber . GlycosBio Asia in partnership with Bio-XCell also had plans to produce bio-ethanol from crude glycerin . The glycerine conversion technology, and also another that converts fatty acids to ethanol, were developed by GlycosBio in collaboration with Professor Ramon Gonzalez at Rice University .



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