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Globe Derivative Exchange (GDT)

Globe Derivative Exchange (GDT)

The globe's fairest & fastest crypto exchange. Built by @ycombinator alumni.

The startup, which has dubbed itself the “Coinbase for derivatives,” has built a cryptocurrency-derivative exchange that supports high-frequency trading. The platform allows crypto holders to trade global markets with bitcoin and grants users the same access to data leveraged by institutional investors.What does GDT do?

The GDT token has multiple functions. First, and foremost, it can be used to provide fee discounts which are calculated by the amount of tokens in the user’s possession. For instance, people who own $100 of GDT would receive 5% discounts, whereas people who own $10,000 of GDT would receive 20% discounts. It can also be used to pay for trading fees. This is extremely helpful as day-traders know all too well that trading fees and fee discounts can make all the difference when calculating profit margins and securing gains.

Staking GDT is also possible, which in turn provides a Globe Rewards boost, which is a unique system where completing certain tasks will give you raffle tickets, offering you the chance to win XBT on a fortnightly basis. As an example of the tasks in question, making deposits and sharing affiliate links gives you raffle tickets. Staking GDT is also a task that provides Globe Reward tickets. Additionally, staking will provide other benefits that are yet to be announced, including incentives for insurance fund staking. Staking offers users another, more reliable, avenue of bringing in income other than via trading.

Additionally, GDT will be usable as margin for trading pairs, allowing users to appreciate larger successes by amplifying trading results.


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